Common Gifts

Sometimes no all of us have the luxury of choosing the right gift at the right store. Sometimes, when we are rushed in our everyday schedules, our gift decision-making is not always the best, especially when it is of a lower priority as opposed to the demands of work. This article details how to transform common mediums into personalised gifts.

Common Gifts and the Effect of a Personal Note

Although the lack of time and preparation to pick out the perfect gift that harbours sentimental value and thus, evokes gratitude, in the receiver, is indeed a luxury, it is still possible to buy a “common” gift and hastily transform it to one that would be appreciated. Depending on the circumstances one is in, and the type of relationship one is in with the receiver of the gift, the choice of the present doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly spectacular. However, what should accompany such generic gifts is a note or card that should specify the inspiration behind it. For instance, although a Disney mug may seem highly inappropriate and childish to gift a business partner, however, with an accompanying note that symbolises the intention behind it such as, “Hoping you uphold the same enthusiasm and widespread love as represented by Disney movies”, may transform the present into one that is remembered fondly. So the key lesson here is to tailor the gift to the audience. Nevertheless, the gift must not be wildly inappropriate and out of proportion to the audience targeted.

With More Ordinary Mediums

Although much of the effort is in the actual choice of the gift, one can also take the opportunity to transform it further. These days, although not as popularised yet, there are stores that allow you to design their blank products (such as art prints, canvases, mugs and bottles) into whatever you desire or you believe to be the most appropriate as a gift. The advantage of this, is, of course, not having to go to the trouble of obtaining the blank product and printing or drawing your design onto it yourself. Such companies do this for you but charge you at a higher price for such a personal gift to another. Whilst these art designs do not have to be superb and very intricate, it may be a wonderful idea to print the receiver’s name on it along with an image that they resonate with, whether it be designed by yourself (which takes longer) or taken from the Internet.