Finding the Right Gift

When it comes to the holiday season or any special occasion, gifts are always in popular demand. Whether it is from a physical gift shop or online, the quality of the present, and the representation of it to the other party, speaks volumes more than the actual gift itself. As they say, it is only the thought that counts, but in this case, it is the symbolism behind the object which matters.

Finding Gifts for the Right Occasion

There is nothing more embarrassing than presenting an inappropriate gift on the wrong occasion, only to realise it after the event. While the giving of a present is much lauded as an act benevolence and goodwill, presenting the wrong gift may also cause rifts between that particular person and the other party. Giving gifts is mostly part of a social sphere of etiquette and a symbol of the status of a relationship. A celebration, such as at a gathering during dinner, for example, it is inadequate to arrive with a card in hand and expect to be welcomed warmly. Such situations call for more traditional gifts of wine and flowers.

However, there are also many circumstances when presenting gifts is not appropriate. This includes the death of an individual, although it does depend on the situation. For such a solemn occasion, consider much more delicate gifts, such as a framed picture of the deceased individual. Perhaps, just a simple bouquet of flowers which symbolise mourning and sorrow in the floral language would be a much more appropriate choice. Indeed, if one cannot think of anything significant enough to bring, which would be received favourably by the opposite party, it is best to stick with tradition. It must be remembered that gifts are not always a gesture of celebration and happiness; sometimes, they must represent mourning. They must still resonate with the energy of the event, or at least with the host or hostess they are presented to. That is not to say that surprise gifts are taboo. They can receive a joyous reception if, and only if, they are appropriate for the occasion, and they resonate with the purpose of the event somewhat.

Types of Gifts

There are undoubtedly many types of gifts available for consideration. Indeed, the wide variety of offerings to consider is almost always so large that it baffles one. That is when people are encouraged to visit a single gift shop within the said receiver’s general interest, to try and pin down a specific choice. More often than not, monetary value is placed on such gifts, and this has become so prevalent in many cultures that it has become the norm. The more expensive a product is, the better the gift it makes.

That is not necessarily true.

Gifts are given because they are designed to provoke an emotional response of goodwill or to encourage the strengthening of a relationship. For example, an expensive Chanel watch as a “sorry” gift is wildly inappropriate and off the mark for conveying its purpose. The receiver may suspect that you are trying to entice them into a relationship based solely on monetary value. A heartfelt letter with a dried flower signifying how much the person means to you is a much more favourable choice.

That is not to say that expensive gifts are not to be preferred. On some occasions, where the receiver of the gift appreciates the monetary aspects of life, this may indeed, be an excellent choice. However, for the more mature, and the more sincere, an offering which suggests your sincerity towards them, (in other words, a highly personalised gift), is preferred.

Finding the Right Store

Finding the right shop to pick a gift from is almost always, very important. The thought having been given to the present and the sincerity behind it is always essential. People often check where their gifts were brought from, and the shop must reflect the values which you hold. It not only represents aspects of your personality in choosing the gift for them but also gives subtle hints of your perception of them. With this being said, most people gravitate towards gift stores as a safer choice. While many gift stores offer a variety of objects to choose from, you must also be wary of selecting a general gift, rather than a personalised one.